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  • Arlington & Alexandria Educational Article of the Month - What do wildlife rehabilitators do with squirrels?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with squirrels?

What do wildlife rehabilitators do with squirrels?

Wildlife rehabilitators that have been licensed to handle wide range of Virginia animals are quite versatile when it comes to handling the needs of different types, nature, and conditions of Virginia animals. One of the primary duties of Virginia wildlife rehabilitators is to place advertisements on local boards, internet, and other mediums, telling people to report any case of missing animals. Secondly, Virgiinia wildlife rehabilitators can assist you when you need emergency instructions for the care of baby squirrels. Rehabilitators are simply domestic volunteers that make the community safe for stray and abandoned Virginia animals.

There are many ways through which an Arlington squirrel can become orphaned, for instance when the mother has been removed, trapped or killed. Secondly, the nest of an Arlington squirrel may fail, due to heavy winds or rain or when a tree harbouring such nest has been trimmed, removed, or destroyed. The young squirrel may be found on a fallen nest or on the ground. An Arlington squirrel may also become orphaned or strayed while it is being moved by the mother and then it fell on the way. When predation of an Arlington squirrel nest has occurred ( for instance when the squirrel nest has been raided by a cat or crow). Wildlife rehabilitators are very versatile in handling all cases of straying Arlington squirrels.

One of the things Alexandria rehabilitators do with squirrels is to try and trace back the mother or the nest, for the purpose of reuniting the straying Alexandria animals. Secondly the rehabilitators monitor subject the squirrels to different mental, and medical examination for the purpose of identify dehydration, bruises, or any infection on the Alexandria squirrels. If any serious disease or infection is detected on a Alexandria squirrel, the animal is quarantined immediately and treated. The Alexandria wildlife rehabilitators often operate between the hours of 7am to 6pm on the morning, however, there are special arrangements for animals that are found wandering the night, and they do have Alexandria animal collection centers that operate for 24 hours on daily basis.

After the completion of medical and mental diagnosis on straying Virginia squirrels, the Alexandria wildlife rehabilitators examine the type of feeding formula for a squirrel depending on its age and nutritional needs. Wildlife rehabilitators also perform squirrel removal from Alexandria homes, most especially from difficult places such as the attic, roofs, and yards. Such rehabilitators make use of special traps that catch Alexandria squirrels without causing any body harm, they also make use of special decontamination materials to remove any fecal and urine materials causing serious odours and contamination around the attic.

Squirrels that have been rescued are normally kept in special Arlington environments, where they can be nurtured back into their natural habitat. Since Arlington squirrels are rarely domesticated in homes, Alexandria wildlife rehabilitators normally send such animals to their natural Alexandria wildlife habitats.

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