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  • Arlington & Alexandria Educational Article of the Month - What Areas can Pigeons Enter a House Through?

What Areas can Pigeons Enter a House Through?

Virginia pigeons may not really be considered as troubling pests because many homeowners keep them as home pets. However, physical observation shows that pigeons can cause lots of damages in a house especially in an attic where they tend to destroy ceilings and causes heavy odor. The question everyone may probably want to ask is how exactly this bird used to enter a house and find its way into an attic. In this article you are going to be familiar with some of the areas Arlington & Alexandria pigeons can enter a house.

1. through openings on ceiling
If there are openings on the ceiling in a house, Arlington & Alexandria pigeons will not hesitate to enter because they know the benefits that await them in there. They love to stay inside the ceiling and do whatever they want at liberty without fear of getting caught. If you want to deny them entry through the ceiling then you have to close all openings at the ceiling.

2. through the chimney
You have to understand that the chimney has an opening that enables emission of smokes easier. Those openings can be good access for Virginia pigeons because they see dwelling buildings as a home. A pigeon has a talent to locate an opening in areas of the house and make use of that chance to enter into an attic.

3 Through an open space
This is the most common way Arlington & Alexandria pigeons can enter a house, it normally occurs when they notice there is an available food in an open area of the house. They will gather in mass inside your compound to get food and in the process, many of them will find their way in the ceiling or in an attic.

4. Through opening on top of the roof
When a portion of the roof has been disfigured and torn up, Virginia pigeons will easily find their way in and they will make nests and reproduce inside the attic. Homeowners are advised to conduct a routine check on the status of their roofs and repair any openings that need attention.

The above are not the only areas Virginia pigeons can enter a house, but they are the most common and most notable among many. What to keep in mind is, the moment you give one pigeon a chance to enter your house, you wouldn’t know when your house will become a party ground for different species of Arlington & Alexandria pigeons within a shortage period. Therefore, make sure you take note of these things and keep the house intact.

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