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  • Arlington & Alexandria Educational Article of the Month - What if a opossum got inside my house

What if a opossum got inside my house

What if a opossum got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

The opossums are most of the time not aggressive but the problem is that they may create the unsanitary condition and they may become aggressive when they have some type of disease. There are many ways that you can try to get rid of the Virginia opossums but some of these options are to capture the Arlington opossums and to remove them physically. You should learn what to do when it comes to remove the Alexandria opossums.

The Virginia opossum may enter into your Alexandria property looking for many things. The main reason behind the opossum coming in your Arlington home is to get shelter and food. Most of the time they are not that harmful but the people do not like to keep them around because of many reasons. They may messy and have large droppings, they may bother the pets and they may get in the garbage. They can enter into your Virginia home, attic or bedroom, kitchen and other areas of the home.

When you are aware of where the Arlington opossum is in the house, you should just trap it and remove it. They are harmless as animal and what you should do is trap and remove them in other places where they may be safe. You may also try to get the animals out of the Virginia house when you are in hurry. The opossums are omnivore so any bait can be used to trap them. Whatever you do, be careful since the Alexandria opossums may attack when they feel threatened.

When you take the Virginia animal outside, you should congratulate yourself but you have to make sure that the animals do not try to come to the place anymore. You should remove all the places or covers where the Arlington animal may wish to make a shelter. This means the debris and wood piles. You may close up the entrance to its hiding place. Get rid of the foods which they may try to come for, ensure that the garbage is kept closed everyday and do not make the food to lie around. Make sure that your place is well lit since the Alexandria opossums do not like the places that are well lit.

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