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  • Arlington & Alexandria Educational Article of the Month - What is the best material to exclude bats?

What is the best material to exclude bats?

What is the best material to exclude bats?

Contrary to other Arlington rodents, the bats may not gnaw their way through the wood or building of the materials. The effective materials that may be used in excluding the Arlington bats are the stainless steel wood, weather stripping, screening, flashing and foam claulking.

Caulking is when there are crevices and the cracks that have been developed in the structure and the Arlington bats are taking the advantage of such openings. Caulking is about sealing all such openings. Because the wood may contract or expand with the weather, it is good when the caulking is used when it is still dry period. When the cracks have been enlarged, the filler may be needed so that the caulking compound may be applied. There are many types of the caulks which can be applied using the caulking gun. There are also some self expanding urethane forms used for caulking and can be found in the pressurized containers.

Weatherstripping: if the Alexandeia bats do crawl within the doors, the space found within the floor and the bottom of the door can be sealed using weather stripping. The weather stripping is made by the use of different materials which include hard rubber, felt, fine wire, aluminum and natural fiber. A simple draft exclude at the bottom of the doors that are not used most of the time, is the sausage shaped, flexible and long cloth tube that it is filled with the sand and it is then pushed into the cracks only on the bottom of a door.

The flashing is where the walls are meeting the roof or the chimney. The flashing may be installed in order to make the building to be watertight. The flashing may consist of the strips of the metal with other material in order to cover the holes, crevice and cracks. The materials that are mostly used are the stainless steel, aluminum, copper and galvanized metal. The self-adhesive flashing is known as the flashband and it has been used in the Alexandeia batproof building for many years. The flashband comes with the advantages like the flexibility and self-adhesiveness. The grip may also improve with the time even during the Alexandeia weather period.

If there is a need to use the screening, the mesh used has to be small enough in order to prevent access of the Alexandeia bats. The steel hardware cloth has to be around 0.63cm. When the ventilators have not been screened properly, the Virginia bats may enter inside. The hardware cloth for ventilators may be 8x8 mesh. The outlet and the inlet ventilators may be installed in the proper way. The screening type may depend on the type of the ventilator that it is being used and where it is found within the Virginia building. Sometime the Virginia buildings that are the same but with different orientations may attract the Virginia bats differently.

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